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Learners will be shown common infections diseases from initial presentation to resolution. Integrating the relevant microbiology, pathophysiology and immunology, this course aims to engage and entice the learner towards future studies in microbiology, immunology and infectious diseases.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Immunology 00:00:00
Bacterial Infections
Tuberculosis 00:00:00
Acute Gastrointestinal Infections 00:00:00
Infections of the Heart 00:00:00
Pneumonia 00:00:00
Group A Strep Pharyngitis 00:00:00
Gastritis 00:00:00
Bacterial Meningitis & Meningococcemia 00:00:00
MRSA 00:00:00
Syphilis 00:00:00
Group A Strep Fasciitis 00:00:00
Hospital Acquired Infections 00:00:00
Orbital Cellulitis 00:00:00
Gram Negative Sepsis 00:00:00
Viral Infections
HIV 00:00:00
Influenza 00:00:00
RSV Bronchiolitis 00:00:00
Shingles & Varicella 00:00:00
Hepatitis B 00:00:00
Mononucleosis 00:00:00
Viral Meningitis 00:00:00
Herpes Simplex Virus 00:00:00
Measles & Vaccines 00:00:00
Rotavirus & SCID 00:00:00
Other Infectious Pathogens
Itchy Skin 00:00:00
Protozoa: Malaria 00:00:00
Cysticerosis 00:00:00
Fungal Infections 00:00:00
Candida Infections 00:00:00
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever 00:00:00

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