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This course includes interactive activities to help employees provide topic specific feedback and acknowledgement of understanding.

Course Curriculum

General Orientation
Introduction to Staff 00:05:00
Lunch Accommodations 00:05:00
Medical Emergency Supplies 00:00:00
Job Descriptions and Work Performance Evaluations 00:15:00
Time cards and PTO Requests 00:00:00
Work Hours 00:00:00
Exam Room Layout and Supplies 00:00:00
Dress Code 00:05:00
Corporate Orientation
History, Philosophy, Mission, Values, and Patient Population 00:00:00
Review of Administration and Supervisor Roles 00:00:00
Location of Reference Materials 00:00:00
Infection Control
Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 00:00:00
Bloodborne Pathogens video 00:20:00
Hand Washing 00:10:00
Location of PPE 00:00:00
Medical waste disposal 00:05:00
Injury and Illness Prevention
Emergency Preparedness 00:05:00
Evacuation routes and exits 00:05:00
Hazard Communication Plan 00:10:00
Identification and Locations of Hazardous Substances 00:00:00
Report of Work Related Injury 00:00:00
MSDSs (SDSs) and MSDS book 00:15:00
Disaster Plan 00:05:00
Personal protective equipment 00:10:00
Incident Reporting Policy 00:00:00
Chemical spills 00:10:00
Emergency eyewash procedure 00:05:00
Radiation Safety Plan 00:10:00
Orientation to Laboratory Procedures
Patient Instruction on Collection of Specimens 00:00:00
Lab Manuals 00:02:00
Orientation to Medical Equipment
Scales 00:05:00
Pulse Oximeter 00:15:00
Autoclave 00:06:00
Nebulizer 00:10:00
Thermometers 00:10:00
EKG 00:20:00
Blood Pressure Devices 00:08:00
Centrifuge 00:10:00
iStat 00:04:00
Privacy & HIPAA 00:20:00

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